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I wanna see ya peacock, yo peacock!

This is Tammy, co worker/ one of my best friends.  This is her new tattoo.  I’ve always been fascinated with tattoos, but some of the best ones are the ones with meanings attached to them, however personal.  The peacock feather for her is a symbol of rebirth.  Coming out of bad times and seeing the light into a better state of life. I found it incredible how the eye of the feather mirrors her own eyes. It’s such a fascinating and beautiful peice of art!

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Bj’s photo shoot!

New Camera, New Images, HOLLA!

So my brother inlaw was so kind in letting me borrow this awesome camera. Sooo of course I had to do some test shots! Hellllloooo mom and dad!


Carpal tunnel

Finally! I was able to get some time to edit some more photos! I’ve added a few to the Kids Gallery and Uncategorized Gallery (Work Hard Play Hard)!

Work Hard Play Hard

Most people would cringe if their boss asked them to do them a favor during non working hours.  Thankfully I have one of the coolest bosses around.  At first this shoot was just about her daughter, Lilly, but she couldnt resist the fun! So we decided to incorporate some mother daughter bonding into some of these images, as well as expressing lilians own interests!

First comes love….

This was a random shoot.  My sister, paige, had asked me to shoot photos of her and her boyfriend before he left for the army.  They could possibly be the cutest couple!


This was my first time working with young kids.  Needless to say it was a blast!