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Whats up baby!

I was totally stoked to hear that my long time high school friend Sam and her fiance, Brian, were having a baby!  Even more stoked when they asked me to do their maternity photos.  I can not even begin to describe how much of a trooper Sam was.  We trekked the entire downtown of West Lafayette just to find these most awesome places to use as backdrops.  She, 8 months pregnant, WALKED the entire way and thought nothing about it.  We visited places they used to spend time at on dates, for fun, for leisure.  All in all it was a great time.  I can not wait to take photos of baby Ellee, whenever she decides to come out and play!

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I bought a helium tank for this…

I posted on facebook one day that I was looking for a model and an idea.  Thank goodness for Jess!  She had the idea to blow up a ton of balloons.  That was just the beginning to what ended up being an awesome photo session.  Jess was awesome and creative and up for whatever, aka a perfect model. We spent the entire day traveling from Crawfordsville to Indy getting some great stuff.  I bought a helium tank to blow up the balloons, we found a legit old fashioned diner to use as a backdrop, oh and did I mention that we also had skates as props as well? The weather was perfect, the props, the day in general was GRRREAT!

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Been there done that!

Meet Alexandra, aka Dood (pronounced dude), and Dustin McKinney.  This happy couple has been together since junior high school and just had their first year wedding anniversary! You can definitely tell that they have had their photos taken a few times, which made my job easier.  Thanks for the awesome modeling skills guys!

It’s amazing to see the love between these two.  Typically, you would think, a couple who have been together for as long as they have it would be difficult to capture the romance, teasing, lovey dovey stuff, but that was no problem at all! They truly are an amazing couple and I expect many more years of happiness to come for them.

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Play Date with Drew!

I had been DYING to take a few photos of Drew.  He’s my hairstylist’s little boy and my new friend! I decided that it would be a good idea to take Drew to a playground because well, HELLO, it’s made for kids.  Little did I know this would wear. me. out!  This little boy had so much energy, but it definitly made for awesome candid photos! He was a handsome little boy and the session turned into more or less a play date at our local playground, definition of FUN!

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6 Months and Counting!

This ADORABLE human being, Brylan, just turned six months! I will never understand why I get so nervous before baby sessions, because they typically turn out AH.MAZE.ING! I mean c’mon… how can a session that included a red wagon, puppies, and a baby wearing a fadora not be awesome? I literally about died when his mom, Cody, put the fadora on him. Gerber baby model in the making? I think so!

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