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The Beeler Family… One Awesome Family!

I have had the pleasure of photographing the Beeler family twice now and each time I find it more entertaining! How can it not be with about a dozen young and highly ADORABLE children running around. During the day, however, I got to capture each individual family and child that make up this BIG family. The day also included plenty of opportunities to capture Ah. Maze. Ing candid shots.  As I grow as a photographer, I have found through photographing people like the Beeler’s that in order to have a job well done, it takes a good experience and the beginning of an awesome relationship with those I photograph.  It is through this, you begin to capture the true personality that in turn make for GREAT photographs.  I absolutely LOVE this family and I especially love photographing them!

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Dachshunds to Baby Bump!

This couple may not realize it, but they are very special to me when it comes to the start of my photography career.  Connected through my older sister, Bri, I first photographed Steph and Kyle and their two dachshunds.  They were one of my first clients and gave me the confidence to keep at it.  Last weekend, I got the pleasure of photographing Steph and Kyle and her growing bump! A beautiful and natural couple that need no direction when in front of the camera made for an easy session.  Laughing the entire time, made for such an enjoyable experience. Oh and did I mention I got to learn the name of the baby, Carter, before they revealed it at the baby shower the next day? I am truly lucky to work with such great people.

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A Man in Uniform

Rob officially became a United States Marine last week.  Although he has only been one of my best friends for a short few years, I can’t even begin to describe just how proud I am of him and how lucky I feel to have such a friend.  Of course, since we are friends  I have had the privilege to hear some awesome…ly ridiculous stories from boot camp.  The Marines are hardcore for sure, but we all have become to understand that Rob is programmed a little differently.  A wrestler in both high school and college left him physically fit as well as mentally strong.  Needless to say, boot camp wasn’t as much of a challenge for him as we had all expected.  This also led us to believe that he was born to be a Marine.  The uniform certainly fits!

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