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Hollie + Brett

I think the best thing about my friend Hollie is her typical go with the flow kind of attitude.  In which case, I can text her at 3pm and say hey grab Brett, her boyfriend, and lets take some pics at 6pm and wear something cool!  We’ve talked about doing so before, but I couldn’t resist the excitement when I discovered this incredibly awesome tin rusted building.  I once was asked how I find such buildings and my answer was simple, I drive around like a creep and typically things will catch my eye, in which case I will circle the places, even more so like a creep, to get a better look.  This was most definitely the case when I found, what would become one of the backgrounds, building for this session.

Such a rad couple and GREAT friends made the experience so much FUN.  Hollie, who has helped me on many occasions during past sessions, is a natural in front of the camera and Brett did an awesome job making her laugh as well as bringing Spunk to the pics! Some of my Best friends and a beautiful couple, they had some awesome energy which in turn, transferred over to some pretty sweet pics!

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Sam + Brian = Ellee

Remember Sam and Brian and their maternity photos? Ellee has finally arrived and has proven to be one of the BEST babies to photograph.  With a head full of hair and the most ADORABLE accessories and outfits there was no way the photos couldn’t be anything less than precious.

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Adana + Tyler: Maternity

One AWESOME thing about being a photographer is that sometimes you get to photograph friends from the past! Adana and Tyler both went to high school with me and were that couple that dated through Jr. High School and High School.  They won every prom queen and king award and were destined to be together forever! Thus, making my job easier.  I’ve said it before and they have proven yet again that married couples are some of the BEST people to photograph.  They needed little to no direction, which leaves more time for joking and laughter.  And that we did.  My cheeks literally were sore from smiling and laughing the entire time.  They made the experience so much fun because they were so easy-going.  It was fun to catch up on life, including learning the due date for Adana and Tyler’s  little one to be! I suspect Hadley will be one lucky little girl to be brought up by as fun of a couple as Adana and Tyler!


Adana:  After learning you are an English teacher now, you are not allowed to judge my grammar and spelling or use this as a bad example in your class! 🙂

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