Hollie + Brett

I think the best thing about my friend Hollie is her typical go with the flow kind of attitude.  In which case, I can text her at 3pm and say hey grab Brett, her boyfriend, and lets take some pics at 6pm and wear something cool!  We’ve talked about doing so before, but I couldn’t resist the excitement when I discovered this incredibly awesome tin rusted building.  I once was asked how I find such buildings and my answer was simple, I drive around like a creep and typically things will catch my eye, in which case I will circle the places, even more so like a creep, to get a better look.  This was most definitely the case when I found, what would become one of the backgrounds, building for this session.

Such a rad couple and GREAT friends made the experience so much FUN.  Hollie, who has helped me on many occasions during past sessions, is a natural in front of the camera and Brett did an awesome job making her laugh as well as bringing Spunk to the pics! Some of my Best friends and a beautiful couple, they had some awesome energy which in turn, transferred over to some pretty sweet pics!

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