Credit Where It’s Most Definitely Deserved!

I’ll try to keep the sappiness to a minimum with this one! For awhile now, I have begun the process of branding and starting to really define a photography career. This, however, would never have been possible, or would have been really really hard to do without the help of a few really important and AMAZING people in my life. In this post I don’t want to share pix like in most of my others, but instead send a shout-out and a HUMONGOUS thank you to all that have been involved with helping me grow as a photographer, a person, and a business.

Brianna, you have not only been a huge supporter from the beginning, but you have rained on me connections, logo ideas, website ideas, etc. and it would be impossible to thank you for every individual thing that you have helped me with. I can not even begin to describe the gratitude I have for you.

Scott, I literally wouldn’t be able to achieve what I have thus far because, well, you provided the camera! Beyond that, however, your resources have been crucial for me to grow as a photograph and it’s amazing the generosity you show in giving me access to it all.

Katie, interning with you has literally been the best experience for me. I not only get to learn something new everyday, but you allow me to jump right into your projects and be hands on with everything we are involved in. It’s amazing the drive you instill in me. Through your chaotic life, you still find time to show me that you want me to succeed.

Neil, You have had to share my time with this journey of mine and I can only thank you for putting up with it. You’ve probably had one of the hardest task, that in watching/ dealing and fixing my meltdowns with computer crashes, printing problems, camera difficulties, etc. Thank you for stepping up to the task!

Tammy and Hollie, two of the best assistants anyone could have. You two have helped break the ice during sessions, helped everyone enjoy themselves and have done an awesome job helping doing not so fun jobs such as holding everything, as well as, wearing your arms out holding up a reflector. You both have incredible personalities and continuous support.

Family, friends, and clients, you all have encouraged and supported me in so many ways. Allowing me to capture personal moments again and again is in itself drive for me to continue and to get better.

I’ve come to realize that having a solid group behind you that believes in your aspirations and wants you to succeed can make all the difference in actually achieving such goals. All that I have mentioned are incredible people and I appreciate and have a lot of respect and admiration for each and every one of them!

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