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Wyatt Turns 2!

Happy Birthday Wyatt! During our play date, I mean session, I discovered something very cool. Wyatt and I celebrate the same birthday! I only wish I had his same energy.

Not only was this session imprtant to capture Wyatt at two years old, but it was also important to have recent pix for his dad who had joined the United States Airforce. This, in which, inspired our photoshoot! With paper airplanes and an american flag we were able to preoccupy this rambunxious two year old and capture some great pix. Familiar with me because of the time we got to spend during their family session last fall, we had a great time. Weathering the cold for the outside shots like a champ, and discovering how to make a paper airplane fly made for a great birthday session. Below is just a sneak peak!


Wyatt RAW 071

Wyatt RAW 061

Wyatt RAW 084

Wyatt RAW 027

Wyatt final 3

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