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Can we please discuss this child for a quick minute? But really, the child has beautiful big blue eyes. Not only that, but he is the easiest most chill baby I have ever been around. EVER. And then there was his grandma. I have known Jackie for what seems like a very long time. Recently, however, I have been contemplating hiring her as my child whisperer. She and Kellan’s mom, Ali, are totally responsibly for these BIG smiles. Thank you two for being so great to work with and creating such a fun experience for me 🙂

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Ben + Brittany Engaged

I got a call from Texas once, confused the girl with another person I was trying to call. It was beyond embarrassing, but somehow Brittany looked past that and let me photograph her and Ben’s engagement session! You guys, I can’t even put into words just how great they are. She showed up with a pair of cheetah print heels and this beautiful skirt that was admired by many during the session and Ben complimented her in every way. We even managed to get a little hoot and holler during a kiss scene. I’m not mad about it, they deserved it after such an easy-going successful session! Can the wedding get here any sooner… please?

Ben and Brittany: Engaged

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Jessi: Senior

Remember when I said I was going to blog this session a few months ago? It turns out October happened and with it came craziness and chaos. But I didn’t forget about Jessi, a 2015 high school senior! Everything about this session was perfect, minus my small incident on the old wooden bridge. I literally took a knee while falling through one of the old wooden boards, Jessi died laughing and I continued to take photos. I’m usually struggling for jokes to bring out real laughter, it turns out falling through (no not on, through) a bridge was just the trick I needed!

Enough about my bad luck, though. Jessi was my first senior involved in the guard. Yep, flags and rifles. How cool?! We went to the high school for inspiration and what we found was an amazing fence with THE most perfect lighting coming through. It’s the type of lighting we, photographers hope to chase every evening. See for yourself!

Jessi, Southmont High School 2015

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