Three rules.

It’s true, I heart couples sessions. Like a lot. There’s just something about telling a love story between two people or better yet photographing the love between two people. Each session is different, as you can imagine, because each couple is different. My goal is to bring out as much emotion and feeling out of them and bring it to life through their images. To do so, I’ve started to live by three rules. These three rules are told to each couple before their session.

One, the groom to be/ boyfriend must have fun. It is crucial. Let’s face it ladies, in most cases you are stoked about getting your photo taken and they are just there because you told them to be there. They are there because it’s protocol and tradition to get engagement photos done. Maybe you forced him to be there because you want an image for a save the date and it would be rude to just have you on the magnet :). Or maybe, like in my case with my boyfriend, I forced him to get up for an early session because the only photo we had together was a selfie we took three years ago. The thing is, they feel uncomfortable getting their photos taken, let alone getting a photo of the two of you being all mushy and loveable because they are supposed to be macho. My goal is to make them see that posing and bringing out their inner GQ model can be really REALLY fun. And guys, a little tip, the more loveable you are to your lady and those little cute things you will do during the session will no doubt score you some major man of the year points.

The second rule, you are absolutely not allowed to do anything cute unless I have my camera up and ready to go. Pretty self-explanatory. Gush and love each other as much as possible. I encourage it, but don’t let me miss it while I’m walking ahead of you to the next location and don’t even think about turning off the cuteness when the camera is on the two of you!

The third and final rule, show me all of the love between the two of you. I want each couple to ooze happiness, laughter all of the good emotions. Make my mind blow with all the feels.

So you see, it’s simple. Just three rules. I live by them and put them to work each and every couples session!

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