Sam, Cville’s very own bike man

One thing I’m sure of, photography has taught me to see. To look around. Even in the smallest of towns. Through seeing I found that there are so many interesting people to be photographed. So many people with stories to be told.

Many of you have seen him. He’s the guy riding around town on a bicycle with the impressive handle bars. Sometimes he’s in camo, sometimes simply a flannel and converse shoes, but always wearing a mustache. He’s actually twitter famous (@CvilleBikeMan), but that’s besides the point. I’ve been determined to photograph him for months and as fate would have it I got my chance this past weekend.  I rolled up to my studio downtown and he was walking out of one of the local eateries gearing up to take off on his famous bike. I introduced myself and thankfully he didn’t find it creepy when I told him to follow me to an alley to do these photos. We talked for a second. I told him to stop by the studio if he saw my door open and that I would give him some prints. Today, he did just that.

It turns out the Crawfordsville bike man has a name, Sam. He was knowledgeable, a bit of a rebel and not a person to conform to society and how it tells us to define ourselves. He said he has his driver’s license, but prefers to ride his bike for exercise. He talked politics, which I wasn’t all that surprised about. He has two bikes and is looking into a third, sometimes he uses the horn on them. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want him to stop by again.

In the end, if you take anything from this post it should be this. Take a look around. See people. We actually are all very different from one another and there are so many stories to be told. Find the rebels in the crowd, those not afraid to be who they are or are deciding for themselves who they want to be. Be inspired by Sam.


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10 thoughts on “Sam, Cville’s very own bike man

  1. Evan says:

    This guy….Sam. Well I saw him one day and I said to him ” is it possible for you to do a weelie” and guess what he said back! He said shut up you stupid basterd. Yah. Sam is not very nice to teenagers. That was the only time I have ever talked to him too

  2. Joyce Brown says:

    Sam. He’s a friend of mine. He’s many things. Number one, he’s very private. If he thinks someone is being disrespectful, even if a person doesn’t intend to be disrespectful, he will react and at times it’s not a pleasant reaction. He values his privacy and protects it. He’s also a veteran. He’s proud of this but doesn’t flaunt it. He’s intelligent. My fiancé, granddaughter, grandson, and I have in depth conversations every time we talk. I’m sorry the only time Evan spoke with him it was a negative experience. That’s a shame. He generally stays to himself and doesn’t initiate contact or conversation.

    • Michelle says:

      You might be a friend but you don’t know Sam Thomas! He is by far a Veteran!!! He tries to portray himself as a veteran but he has never been in any kind of military in the United States.

      • When he came in and talked with me he said he was a former seal. I, of course, don’t have proof beyond what he said, but I also didn’t write this post about him being anything beyond the bike man in crawfordsville.

        Thank you for your comment and taking a look at the post!

      • A. S. says:

        How well do you know him? Obviously not very well. You wouldn’t post negative comments if you did. This is a positive thing and made His day. Sometimes the smallest gestures go a long way.

      • A S says:

        Who are you?

  3. Christy says:

    I also find him interesting. I’m from California and I reside here in cville, also work at one of the factories close by that’s been around for years , and I just watch him ride on by. Im a thinker so I wonder what his story is but as I haven’t had the chance to say hello, I’m doing so now .
    I think your photos are great Abbey, awesome article something interesting worth reading about I think ill follow from now on
    Love California…

  4. Joyce Brown says:

    I apologize if I offended anyone with my comments. I should have only commented on the great photos. I look forward to your next display. Thank you!

    • I think it’s great you shared your experience and knowledge of him! I also recognize that some have had bad experiences. One thing I’ve learned heavily this year is that people can have opinions and because they have opinions, bad or good, it doesn’t make them necessarily wrong.

      I greatly appreciate each and every one of these comments and I think we can all learn from this that Sam is human, just like you, me and the next person. We aren’t always nice. We aren’t always mean. Does one experience mean he isn’t nice to teenagers, no. I think it’s how we approach one another. And whether we do so as humans.

      Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your conversations and interest in the post! Stay awesome out there people!

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