All the things and all of the places

You guys!! Let’s all give a warm welcome to my blog again. It’s been awhile, but I was determined to write today and to give everyone a little insight on what’s been going down lately.

I’m busy. Which is amazing. Sprinkle in some monumental moments from my personal life and you have straight up chaos. But in the most beautiful way possible. Alexis (Life by Lex Photography) and I jut wrapped up The Hobbyist Workshop this past weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a better first group of gals. Seriously, I always say how I just want to hang out with awesome people in the studio all day every day and we got to do just that! Thank you for attending ladies!

I got to photograph a birth for the FIRST time last week. It was incredible and I cried because life is so beautiful. If that wasn’t emotional enough, this must have been the week for babies because I also got to photograph a gender reveal. I’m not bragging, but I was pretty stoked to be the first (minus the doctors and nurses) one to know the gender.

Remember how I said there are some monumental things happening in my personal life as well? No, Neil and I haven’t set a date for our very own wedding yet BUT we are adulting really hard this week and will be closing on our very own house here in town! Whoop! And obviously I’m not allowed to just have one exciting thing happen in one week. I will be traveling to Morocco with some really great ladies this Thursday (THE DAY AFTER CLOSING ON OUR HOUSE HA!). If anyone needs any photos of really awesome tile and or me riding a camel let me know. I gotcha covered. Holla.

My family just found out we are adding another niece to it. So happy for my older sister and her family. I know the wait was hard, but I can’t wait to be an aunt again and to have a little girl named after me ;). Scott, did you know Abbey is a Hebrew name and means father’s joy? I’m just saying  (maybe someday).

March is gearing up for some exciting things as well. Some more traveling will be mixed in so make sure to get yo self scheduled for any session needs you might want soon!

As for now, I need to go pack up ALL the things for the move AND the trip. So with that, peace and love you awesome people! Maybe my blog won’t be such a distant memory next time!

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Photo Credit: Life by Lex Photography

www.bohemianredimages.comPhoto Credit: Katie Basbagill, Bohemian Red Images

Photo credit: Katie Basbagill, Bohemian Red Images

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One thought on “All the things and all of the places

  1. Lisa says:

    Amazing!! Congrats on all the things!

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