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Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

Get you a bride that is also an event planner (C. Taylor Events). Why? Because she will send you a shot list for her wedding and you wont have to touch it. She will make you an actual spread sheet. And laminate it. And you will want to thank her a million times over! Chelsea and Ethan were the dream team when it came to photographing a bride and groom. Their wedding was beautifully done and filled with those little moments that every photographer weeps over when editing. Check it out for yourself. Their love is goals.

Also, shoutout to the groomsmen with the solo dance? moves. haha!

Location: Stone Creek Lodge


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Blast from the Past

Pictures from the past – Better known as oldies but goodies, Cheers!

 Lake Theatre

Our favorite pass time in college. We'd go the first tues. of each month for DU day at the lake. We could see any movie for $1. Not so bad when you're a starving college student!

Lake Theatre Reflection

Lake Street, Chicago

Butterfly Woman

STL butterfly house

In college we meet so many different people. Well I met Leanne, the first day in her towel coming out of the shower (Awkward!), and she has been one of my best friends since. This image was shot at the STL butterfly house during one of my trips to visit her!

This was created for a photogrpahy project for my black and white class in college. My friends helped me out in this shoot. We made them look like hot messes, but tried to have a beautiful end result.