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Mr. and Mrs. Dillon

You can’t have a 4th of July wedding without fireworks, sparklers or both! Kirstin and Tyler didn’t disappoint! It was a fun-filled holiday, celebrating with both of their families just before they jetted off to start their marriage in California! I know just how much their families miss them and so this post is mainly for them to reminisce the joy and family filled day!

Venue: Hidden Hollow Farm


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Mr. and Mrs. Welcher

To say I’ve been able to photograph some amazing brides and grooms this year would be an understatement. Here we have Jess and Adam. Adam told people I made the Forbes 30 under 30 list this year. I mean it’s not true, but maybe someday ha! Jess wore a flower crown and I wanted to die right there on the floor in their getting ready room. The entire day was relaxed and special and hot. It’s possible they brought the heat with their good looks and love for one another. See for yourself and don’t act like you won’t say good heavens when you see them



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Nichols Family

Somehow we squeezed this session into my marathon of photo sessions two weeks ago. I’m so SO glad we did. I’ve been photographing them for a few years now from special events, pregnancies, anniversaries and NOW the entire family plus the newest addition. The wheat field and their grandmothers old stomping grounds are so special.



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“Married life is fantastic. I highly recommend it” -Mrs. Claxton

Well these two were incredible and their venue, to die for! I highly underestimated the inspiration and all of the goodness Billie Creek Village had to offer during my elementary school field trip days. The fact is, it’s an AH MAZE ING place, a photographers dream!

Meet the newly Mr. and Mrs. Claxton! I first met them literally on their wedding day, but the love that flowed through them and the fun spirit of the day had myself and my team feeling like we had known them forever! Fun fact shout out to Teresa’s sister, Laura, who gets most of the credit for this photography journey I’m on and connecting me with so many people including Teresa!

Below is a preview of their day. Experience for yourself all of the love and all of the happy giddiness we all got to feel on their special day!


blog 2


blog 3


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Holley: A Pretty Gal

This photo session has been a long time coming.  Trying to schedule a month in advance proved difficult, but all we needed was an incredibly beautiful day and we FINALLY found luck this week with such.  This world, is Holley.  Isn’t she one fabulous gal?

I’ve known Holley and her family for quite some time now, and one of my greatest memories of her as a young girl was when my best friend and I thought we would make great chaperons for a boys and girls club field trip to Holiday World.  We were roughly 17-18 years old and Holley, along with a group of her friends, were about 11-12 years old.  A young girl and her entourage were surprisingly exhausting to watch over! The day was filled with excitement and fun, tears from fear of a roller coaster, one lost locker key, lost money for food, impatience from having to wait for the others to finish up their riding of rides to go home, and many bathroom breaks.  Even though my best friend and I told Holley and the other’s parents that would probably be the first, last and only time we ever chaperoned again it was a fun and good experience minus the small hiccups! It’s amazing now, however, to see  what was a small young girl, transform into such a beautiful young lady.  Finishing up her 7th grade year she has found success in school, dance, and softball.  She has blossomed into her own funny, witty, and talented self and I only expect for her to continue doing such and to do  incredible things as she grows. Below are a few of my favorite images from our session!

hollie walters raw 021 hollie walters raw 038 hollie walters raw 041 hollie walters raw 044 hollie walters raw 055 hollie walters raw 058 hollie walters raw 083 hollie walters raw 084
hollie walters raw 097 hollie walters raw 096

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Adana + Tyler: Maternity

One AWESOME thing about being a photographer is that sometimes you get to photograph friends from the past! Adana and Tyler both went to high school with me and were that couple that dated through Jr. High School and High School.  They won every prom queen and king award and were destined to be together forever! Thus, making my job easier.  I’ve said it before and they have proven yet again that married couples are some of the BEST people to photograph.  They needed little to no direction, which leaves more time for joking and laughter.  And that we did.  My cheeks literally were sore from smiling and laughing the entire time.  They made the experience so much fun because they were so easy-going.  It was fun to catch up on life, including learning the due date for Adana and Tyler’s  little one to be! I suspect Hadley will be one lucky little girl to be brought up by as fun of a couple as Adana and Tyler!


Adana:  After learning you are an English teacher now, you are not allowed to judge my grammar and spelling or use this as a bad example in your class! 🙂

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