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Sam, Cville’s very own bike man

One thing I’m sure of, photography has taught me to see. To look around. Even in the smallest of towns. Through seeing I found that there are so many interesting people to be photographed. So many people with stories to be told.

Many of you have seen him. He’s the guy riding around town on a bicycle with the impressive handle bars. Sometimes he’s in camo, sometimes simply a flannel and converse shoes, but always wearing a mustache. He’s actually twitter famous (@CvilleBikeMan), but that’s besides the point. I’ve been determined to photograph him for months and as fate would have it I got my chance this past weekend.  I rolled up to my studio downtown and he was walking out of one of the local eateries gearing up to take off on his famous bike. I introduced myself and thankfully he didn’t find it creepy when I told him to follow me to an alley to do these photos. We talked for a second. I told him to stop by the studio if he saw my door open and that I would give him some prints. Today, he did just that.

It turns out the Crawfordsville bike man has a name, Sam. He was knowledgeable, a bit of a rebel and not a person to conform to society and how it tells us to define ourselves. He said he has his driver’s license, but prefers to ride his bike for exercise. He talked politics, which I wasn’t all that surprised about. He has two bikes and is looking into a third, sometimes he uses the horn on them. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want him to stop by again.

In the end, if you take anything from this post it should be this. Take a look around. See people. We actually are all very different from one another and there are so many stories to be told. Find the rebels in the crowd, those not afraid to be who they are or are deciding for themselves who they want to be. Be inspired by Sam.


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A surprise worth rolling with! (Tammy+Jeff Wedding Anniversary)

It is extremely hard to keep surprises a secret when the surprise is for a person that is not only one of your best friends, but also works with you everyday.  Tammy and Jeff have been friends of mine for quite some time and I have worked with Tammy for roughly six years.  Last week was their fifteenth wedding anniversary!  Jeff, being the good and in tune husband he is, paid attention to Tammy when she said multiple times she wanted to do a photo shoot with him.  The wheels began to turn and about a week or so before the anniversary date we got a plan together, well somewhat.  Although it ended up being a let’s go with the flow kind of plan, I knew I had to be at their house at 5pm the day of their anniversary.  It was actually fun and sort of incredible when I realized I was basically the surprise.  It also put pressure on me, I couldn’t mess it up!

I showed up at their house, rang the doorbell.  Tammy answered and said, ” WHAT! we are doing a photo shoot? I have sweat pants on!”  They both got ready in no time and out we went! Not only was this an AMAZING session, they brought along incredibly old as well as AWESOME vintage bicycles.  With the fall weather and changing trees, as well as the bikes and their own creative and unique style, made for one fantastic, fun, and modern session!

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