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Abby + Austin

It’s no secret that couples are my jam. I love spending an hour or two engulfed in the love they share. Being a fly on the wall, an awkward fly on the wall, while they share little laughs, loving looks at one another. It’s seriously my favorite. These two are just one example of why I love being that awkward fly. Abby ( pretty awesome name am I right?!) said this was their first time getting photos taken together. You’d never be able to tell. They were super comfortable, but then maybe that’s because they love each other so much and love each other out loud through the way they hug or whisper in one another’s ear. See for yourself, check out their dreamy session.


Abby has mad dance skills. Austin’s reaction is proof! ha!


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Sam, Cville’s very own bike man

One thing I’m sure of, photography has taught me to see. To look around. Even in the smallest of towns. Through seeing I found that there are so many interesting people to be photographed. So many people with stories to be told.

Many of you have seen him. He’s the guy riding around town on a bicycle with the impressive handle bars. Sometimes he’s in camo, sometimes simply a flannel and converse shoes, but always wearing a mustache. He’s actually twitter famous (@CvilleBikeMan), but that’s besides the point. I’ve been determined to photograph him for months and as fate would have it I got my chance this past weekend.  I rolled up to my studio downtown and he was walking out of one of the local eateries gearing up to take off on his famous bike. I introduced myself and thankfully he didn’t find it creepy when I told him to follow me to an alley to do these photos. We talked for a second. I told him to stop by the studio if he saw my door open and that I would give him some prints. Today, he did just that.

It turns out the Crawfordsville bike man has a name, Sam. He was knowledgeable, a bit of a rebel and not a person to conform to society and how it tells us to define ourselves. He said he has his driver’s license, but prefers to ride his bike for exercise. He talked politics, which I wasn’t all that surprised about. He has two bikes and is looking into a third, sometimes he uses the horn on them. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want him to stop by again.

In the end, if you take anything from this post it should be this. Take a look around. See people. We actually are all very different from one another and there are so many stories to be told. Find the rebels in the crowd, those not afraid to be who they are or are deciding for themselves who they want to be. Be inspired by Sam.


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I do what I want, kind of.

As I mentioned in my last post I recently moved into a new studio downtown and it’s been an incredible experience so far. However, the thoughts of “where do I go from here” and “who am I” often consume me and the struggle to be who I am as an artist and to grow to be better at that is a bit much at times. One of my favorite photographers once said, “We break the rules because we aren’t interested in following anything or anyone but our own hearts.” This blew my mind. That. That is exactly what I want in this endeavor. A rebel of the craft, photographing people with stories to tell. Photographing the real. I’m interested in the chaos of families and embracing the mess of full framed emotion. I want to photograph love stories and push couples to openly express their raw emotions towards one another. The formal photo isn’t enough for me.

Meet Marcheta Dixon. She owns La Rose Antique Mall on Main st. in downtown Crawfordsville. I think it’s a rule that if you own an antique store you must be a good story teller. I went in there originally looking for a coffee table, but shortly left to go get my camera so I could come back and photograph her. I’m not sure what interested me initially about her, the ginormous photo of her talking with former President Bill Clinton or listening to her talk about the huge collection of sports memorabilia displayed all around the store. I know you’re wondering how I could go from the first paragraph of this post to Marcheta, but the thing is I see a lot of myself in her. She’s a bit of a rebel, a story teller and straight bad A. Did I mention that photo is her correcting Bill Clinton on which college Crawfordsville was home to? That she contemplated taking the photo down because it caused some negative feedback for her store, but decided not to because in the end the image was about the experience not the politics. And besides, it’s her store and she can display what she wishes!

Below are the photos I took while at the store. Stop in and see her if not only to buy things, but to look at her collection of letter jackets and high school sports memorabilia from around the county. It’s incredible and won’t disappoint. And don’t forget to ask her about her experience meeting the former president. Also, find a way to do what you want in life. To follow your own heart. To occasionally break the rules.


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We spent hours on this hashtag so I thought it was only appropriate to make it their blog post title. Meet Fil and Jess. Jess and I went to rival high schools and were super competitive against each other in our high school sports glory days. But now, now we literally talk almost everyday and in a noncompetition way! Sometimes about wedding things, mostly not. I’ve learned that she’s really great at making March madness basketball brackets, their dog, Lombardi, could literally be a dog model, and Fil is practically a celebrity because he knows pro athletes.

The wedding is going down in Chicago and it’s going to be insane. I. Can’t. Wait. Check out their engagement session below!

DSC_5983 DSC_5996 DSC_6003 DSC_6025 DSC_6065 DSC_6097 DSC_6118 DSC_6131 DSC_6152 DSC_6168 DSC_6178 DSC_6208 DSC_6214 DSC_6253 DSC_6256 DSC_6259

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Hello spring. And beautiful couple.

I posted a preview of this session on my Facebook page today and immediately got a message from one of my brides that said she would like to redo her engagement session. She promised it wasn’t because her images were bad, she loved hers, but because Sarah and Bj looked warm and were blessed with one of the most beautiful days we’ve had so far this year in Indiana. This was the complete opposite for said bride who messaged me (her blog post is next!)!

DSC_8045 DSC_8049 DSC_8070 DSC_8075 DSC_8106 DSC_8111 DSC_8126 DSC_8137 DSC_8172 DSC_8182 DSC_8206 DSC_8234 DSC_8260 DSC_8264 DSC_8270 DSC_8291 DSC_8315 DSC_8320 DSC_8332

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All the squish.

I am that person that encourages all of my friends to have babies so I can admire, buy all the baby leggings for them, and take all of the photographs I want of them and then return them when they cry or need a diaper change ;). I love every bit of the belly rolls, squishy cheeks, baby lips and button noses. Meet Beckett, fresh and 7 days new during his little session!

DSC_7433 DSC_7439 DSC_7443 DSC_7459 DSC_7466 DSC_7468 DSC_7473 DSC_7512 DSC_7520 DSC_7562

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Three rules.

It’s true, I heart couples sessions. Like a lot. There’s just something about telling a love story between two people or better yet photographing the love between two people. Each session is different, as you can imagine, because each couple is different. My goal is to bring out as much emotion and feeling out of them and bring it to life through their images. To do so, I’ve started to live by three rules. These three rules are told to each couple before their session.

One, the groom to be/ boyfriend must have fun. It is crucial. Let’s face it ladies, in most cases you are stoked about getting your photo taken and they are just there because you told them to be there. They are there because it’s protocol and tradition to get engagement photos done. Maybe you forced him to be there because you want an image for a save the date and it would be rude to just have you on the magnet :). Or maybe, like in my case with my boyfriend, I forced him to get up for an early session because the only photo we had together was a selfie we took three years ago. The thing is, they feel uncomfortable getting their photos taken, let alone getting a photo of the two of you being all mushy and loveable because they are supposed to be macho. My goal is to make them see that posing and bringing out their inner GQ model can be really REALLY fun. And guys, a little tip, the more loveable you are to your lady and those little cute things you will do during the session will no doubt score you some major man of the year points.

The second rule, you are absolutely not allowed to do anything cute unless I have my camera up and ready to go. Pretty self-explanatory. Gush and love each other as much as possible. I encourage it, but don’t let me miss it while I’m walking ahead of you to the next location and don’t even think about turning off the cuteness when the camera is on the two of you!

The third and final rule, show me all of the love between the two of you. I want each couple to ooze happiness, laughter all of the good emotions. Make my mind blow with all the feels.

So you see, it’s simple. Just three rules. I live by them and put them to work each and every couples session!

DSC_7363DSC_7193 DSC_7215 DSC_7228 DSC_7257 DSC_7259 DSC_7260 DSC_7294 DSC_7351 DSC_7398

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