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Warren Dunes and Babes

My neighbor asked me, “who were those exotic looking people you took photos of recently?” I immediately knew it was Amanda and Austin. We met for the first time at the dunes and they freaking made dreams come true. Amanda is the most self confident, spontaneous and down for whatever person I’ve ever met and her Jesus looking boyfriend Austin was also there along for the ride. Basically they were a match made in heaven and a photographers dream. We ran out of breath hiking up the dunes, frolicked through the cold beach water, took shots of whiskey and got sand in some not so pleasant places. Magic basically, that’s what we did. Peep these steamy babes below!


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We spent hours on this hashtag so I thought it was only appropriate to make it their blog post title. Meet Fil and Jess. Jess and I went to rival high schools and were super competitive against each other in our high school sports glory days. But now, now we literally talk almost everyday and in a noncompetition way! Sometimes about wedding things, mostly not. I’ve learned that she’s really great at making March madness basketball brackets, their dog, Lombardi, could literally be a dog model, and Fil is practically a celebrity because he knows pro athletes.

The wedding is going down in Chicago and it’s going to be insane. I. Can’t. Wait. Check out their engagement session below!

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Hollie + Brett

I think the best thing about my friend Hollie is her typical go with the flow kind of attitude.  In which case, I can text her at 3pm and say hey grab Brett, her boyfriend, and lets take some pics at 6pm and wear something cool!  We’ve talked about doing so before, but I couldn’t resist the excitement when I discovered this incredibly awesome tin rusted building.  I once was asked how I find such buildings and my answer was simple, I drive around like a creep and typically things will catch my eye, in which case I will circle the places, even more so like a creep, to get a better look.  This was most definitely the case when I found, what would become one of the backgrounds, building for this session.

Such a rad couple and GREAT friends made the experience so much FUN.  Hollie, who has helped me on many occasions during past sessions, is a natural in front of the camera and Brett did an awesome job making her laugh as well as bringing Spunk to the pics! Some of my Best friends and a beautiful couple, they had some awesome energy which in turn, transferred over to some pretty sweet pics!

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