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Cait and her family are goals. Seriously, though. Through the chaos of having four children, at one point all under the age of four, they seriously make it look like a breeze.

I had been DYING to visit Cait since she relocated from Indy to Cincinnati and had these little sugars. Some may know that Cait and I shoot quite a bit together and she’s kind of become my life coach in a sense. It’s like she somehow knows when I need some encouragement or someone to just work things out with. Through having babies and being in different cities, she never fails at being a consistent friend and someone I cherish and value so much in my life.

Below are a few favorites from their in home lifestyle session with their new additions, Hayes and Ephraim // 1 month old.

P.s. Hire me and let me shoot your family chaos in your homes. Things seriously become magical.



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Third Wheel

I feel like I’ve somewhat been the third wheel in Erik and Meagan’s relationship. I’m totally not mad about it. I’ve photographed their family, just them, their engagement, their wedding, their maternity session and now the birth of their daughter. As a photographer this is exactly what I got into the business for. To document the real. To document life. I’ve been lucky enough to follow along on their crazy ride! Here are a few memorable images from the birth of their daughter Maddie, you know the babe that demoted me from third wheel to fourth! ha!


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Magic Sessions

I refuse to photograph Jill and her boys at any other time but sunset. It never fails to bring magic. The sun, the silly boys and the interaction this time with her mom and them. Lord help me. See for yourself! 2016-07-04_00012016-07-04_00022016-07-04_00032016-07-04_0004

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Hedge Family

I’ve known this family since high school and it’s been amazing to see them grow. Every session Hadley reassures me that I am funny and that’s just a bonus! It amazes me how quickly they grow and I’m DYING for Holly to make her debut. Peep their session below!


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Grubbs Family

So here’s the thing, I really enjoy family sessions. I’m pretty confident I’m a child whisperer and you will be shocked to see how many smiles we will capture of your children during a session. Now that that little fact is out of the way *insert winkey face emoji*, I give you the Grubbs family. They. Are. Perfect. None of my child laughter skills came into play here because they literally just do it. It’s actually really incredible to watch Ella and Jacob together. Being a sister and or brother is hard work. I know, I have two of each but these two and their bond is so so good. AND so natural. They play, make each other laugh and even give the occasional kiss on the hand when I tell them too. Their sessions are always magical. Take a look!


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oh. em. gee. YES!

Can we please discuss the fact that my younger sister got engaged this winter? And not to just anyone, but to one of my best friends. What’s even better was Rob, aka her fiancé, aka marine and all around good guy, planned the entire moment around me photographing it! Here’s the short version of their story!

I was to arrive at Rob’s family home for a “family session” and a few photos of the two of them that he could have before he left to head back to base. We did the session and then headed to downtown Indianapolis for a few more of just the two of them. Rob and I devised a plan that when we got downtown and were ready for the question to be popped I would get them into a good location and then tell him what time it was. He would then make eye contact with me and tap the pocket the ring was in to make sure I was good to go. Then he’d pull out the best speech of his life AND that fat rock! It’s safe to say the plan flew out the window! We got into a good location on the circle, I told them what time it was and it was like everything stood still. So I improvised. and by that I mean I asked, “so… do either of you have any more ideas on what else we could do?” Not to pat myself on the back, but it was one of my best provisions to date. Meaning it lead perfectly into Rob saying “I have an idea…” and then it happened. ALL. THE. FEELS. It was perfect. The entire moment. There were cheers from everyone close by and from his family across the street who got there just in time to witness it all. But we didn’t stop there. After letting it settle in and of course taking more photos we headed to Buca di Beppos where our family surprised her and the two families joined in for a celebratory dinner! She said yes, we had great food, and two families joined together for an eventful evening. It doesn’t get much better than that! Welcome to the family Rob. Thanks for making my sister happy and be prepared for an awesome speech by yours truly at the wedding!

DSC_5161 DSC_5164 DSC_5290 DSC_5298 DSC_5314 DSC_5322 DSC_5329 DSC_5337 DSC_5341 DSC_5342 DSC_5343 DSC_5344 DSC_5347 DSC_5357 DSC_5360 DSC_5361 DSC_5367 DSC_5369 DSC_5373 DSC_5375 DSC_5380 DSC_5408

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Kellan and Family

Hi! I feel like I should introduce myself again. It’s been that long since I’ve blogged so I thought I’d hit everyone with one of the cutest babes ever! But really, this child. I can’t even begin to explain his sessions. They are a photographers dream in that he shows up smiling and the rest is simple! Also, the bond he has with both of his parents… my goodness the feels. See for yourself!

DSC_4459 DSC_4467 DSC_4475 DSC_4483 DSC_4566 DSC_4590 DSC_4613 DSC_4624 DSC_4663 DSC_4673

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Can we please discuss this child for a quick minute? But really, the child has beautiful big blue eyes. Not only that, but he is the easiest most chill baby I have ever been around. EVER. And then there was his grandma. I have known Jackie for what seems like a very long time. Recently, however, I have been contemplating hiring her as my child whisperer. She and Kellan’s mom, Ali, are totally responsibly for these BIG smiles. Thank you two for being so great to work with and creating such a fun experience for me 🙂

DSC_5851 DSC_5871 DSC_5872 DSC_5884 DSC_5886 DSC_5935 DSC_5942 DSC_5950 DSC_5979 DSC_5995 DSC_6007

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