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Kylie + Ben

Honestly, I don’t know how I go so lucky to hang with some of the raddest couples on the planet. I knew Kylie, Ben and I were supposed to work together from the get. Their energy was incredible and it literally made session not feel like a session at all. We were just all hanging out running, jumping and sitting in the weeds!


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Charmion: boho

Y’all ain’t ready for this bohemian queen. Charmion contacted me with the idea of photographing her in an outfit she recently ordered. I’ll be honest, I was like mmkay yeah sure I’ll do it, but not really knowing what I got myself into. Then I met her. She’s beautiful and such an awesome person. Also the way she moves in front of the camera. Lord help me. See for yourself below.


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Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

Get you a bride that is also an event planner (C. Taylor Events). Why? Because she will send you a shot list for her wedding and you wont have to touch it. She will make you an actual spread sheet. And laminate it. And you will want to thank her a million times over! Chelsea and Ethan were the dream team when it came to photographing a bride and groom. Their wedding was beautifully done and filled with those little moments that every photographer weeps over when editing. Check it out for yourself. Their love is goals.

Also, shoutout to the groomsmen with the solo dance? moves. haha!

Location: Stone Creek Lodge


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Taylor: Senior 2017

Taylor, a 2017 senior killing the senior portrait game. She was incredible to work with. So fun and had a perfect go with the flow attitude. I’m not sure if I love senior sessions most because they make me feel young again, my ten-year reunion is this year WHAT. THE. WHAT?! Or if it’s because of the creativity that comes out of each session. Also, can we just give a little shout out to all of the makeup YouTube tutorials? The gals I’ve shot lately, their makeup, on fleek. Really though. Peek Taylor’s session below! She’s gorgeous.


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Hedge Family

I’ve known this family since high school and it’s been amazing to see them grow. Every session Hadley reassures me that I am funny and that’s just a bonus! It amazes me how quickly they grow and I’m DYING for Holly to make her debut. Peep their session below!


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“Married life is fantastic. I highly recommend it” -Mrs. Claxton

Well these two were incredible and their venue, to die for! I highly underestimated the inspiration and all of the goodness Billie Creek Village had to offer during my elementary school field trip days. The fact is, it’s an AH MAZE ING place, a photographers dream!

Meet the newly Mr. and Mrs. Claxton! I first met them literally on their wedding day, but the love that flowed through them and the fun spirit of the day had myself and my team feeling like we had known them forever! Fun fact shout out to Teresa’s sister, Laura, who gets most of the credit for this photography journey I’m on and connecting me with so many people including Teresa!

Below is a preview of their day. Experience for yourself all of the love and all of the happy giddiness we all got to feel on their special day!


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Mel: Maternity and family… Holy geez the beauty.

Mel and I went to high school together and I’ve seen her family grow through social media and reading her blog posts. She has two stunning young boys and a third on the way! Mel asked me to do a 48 hour session when baby Emmett arrived and I could not have been happier. I love babies and all their squish, big brother moments and beautiful tinder family moments as their lives change in a blink of an eye. I approached Mel about doing a maternity session, mostly because she is a beautiful individual, but I also love maternity sessions and don’t schedule enough of them. As planning went along I decided why shouldn’t we bring the whole family along? It’d give the boys a chance to meet me and get used to me for the day Emmett made his appearance. I also brought a few water guns, for smiling purposes of course! See the beauty of what is Mel’s family below!

DSC_1669 DSC_1696 DSC_1703 DSC_1715 DSC_1739 DSC_1766 DSC_1772 DSC_1782 DSC_1794 DSC_1802 DSC_1808 DSC_1811 DSC_1812 DSC_1819 DSC_1826 DSC_1829 DSC_1842 DSC_1848 DSC_1851 DSC_1856 DSC_1876 DSC_1914 DSC_1930 DSC_1938 DSC_1944 DSC_1959

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Three rules.

It’s true, I heart couples sessions. Like a lot. There’s just something about telling a love story between two people or better yet photographing the love between two people. Each session is different, as you can imagine, because each couple is different. My goal is to bring out as much emotion and feeling out of them and bring it to life through their images. To do so, I’ve started to live by three rules. These three rules are told to each couple before their session.

One, the groom to be/ boyfriend must have fun. It is crucial. Let’s face it ladies, in most cases you are stoked about getting your photo taken and they are just there because you told them to be there. They are there because it’s protocol and tradition to get engagement photos done. Maybe you forced him to be there because you want an image for a save the date and it would be rude to just have you on the magnet :). Or maybe, like in my case with my boyfriend, I forced him to get up for an early session because the only photo we had together was a selfie we took three years ago. The thing is, they feel uncomfortable getting their photos taken, let alone getting a photo of the two of you being all mushy and loveable because they are supposed to be macho. My goal is to make them see that posing and bringing out their inner GQ model can be really REALLY fun. And guys, a little tip, the more loveable you are to your lady and those little cute things you will do during the session will no doubt score you some major man of the year points.

The second rule, you are absolutely not allowed to do anything cute unless I have my camera up and ready to go. Pretty self-explanatory. Gush and love each other as much as possible. I encourage it, but don’t let me miss it while I’m walking ahead of you to the next location and don’t even think about turning off the cuteness when the camera is on the two of you!

The third and final rule, show me all of the love between the two of you. I want each couple to ooze happiness, laughter all of the good emotions. Make my mind blow with all the feels.

So you see, it’s simple. Just three rules. I live by them and put them to work each and every couples session!

DSC_7363DSC_7193 DSC_7215 DSC_7228 DSC_7257 DSC_7259 DSC_7260 DSC_7294 DSC_7351 DSC_7398

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The Beeler Family… One Awesome Family!

I have had the pleasure of photographing the Beeler family twice now and each time I find it more entertaining! How can it not be with about a dozen young and highly ADORABLE children running around. During the day, however, I got to capture each individual family and child that make up this BIG family. The day also included plenty of opportunities to capture Ah. Maze. Ing candid shots.  As I grow as a photographer, I have found through photographing people like the Beeler’s that in order to have a job well done, it takes a good experience and the beginning of an awesome relationship with those I photograph.  It is through this, you begin to capture the true personality that in turn make for GREAT photographs.  I absolutely LOVE this family and I especially love photographing them!

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