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BoomShakaLaka Workshop!

You guys, it went down Sunday!! Cait, Cait Morgan Photography, and I teamed up to mentor some crazy amazing gals in our first every BoomShakaLaka Workshop! It was truly the best girl gang we could have ever asked for. We loved educating them and giving them the confidence to use their cameras. Even more so we loved empowering them to just go for it, to kick off the dust on their cameras and take epic photos. We can’t wait to see the magic they create with these baby models!!

Are you interested in a workshop? Let us know by commenting!


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All the things and all of the places

You guys!! Let’s all give a warm welcome to my blog again. It’s been awhile, but I was determined to write today and to give everyone a little insight on what’s been going down lately.

I’m busy. Which is amazing. Sprinkle in some monumental moments from my personal life and you have straight up chaos. But in the most beautiful way possible. Alexis (Life by Lex Photography) and I jut wrapped up The Hobbyist Workshop this past weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a better first group of gals. Seriously, I always say how I just want to hang out with awesome people in the studio all day every day and we got to do just that! Thank you for attending ladies!

I got to photograph a birth for the FIRST time last week. It was incredible and I cried because life is so beautiful. If that wasn’t emotional enough, this must have been the week for babies because I also got to photograph a gender reveal. I’m not bragging, but I was pretty stoked to be the first (minus the doctors and nurses) one to know the gender.

Remember how I said there are some monumental things happening in my personal life as well? No, Neil and I haven’t set a date for our very own wedding yet BUT we are adulting really hard this week and will be closing on our very own house here in town! Whoop! And obviously I’m not allowed to just have one exciting thing happen in one week. I will be traveling to Morocco with some really great ladies this Thursday (THE DAY AFTER CLOSING ON OUR HOUSE HA!). If anyone needs any photos of really awesome tile and or me riding a camel let me know. I gotcha covered. Holla.

My family just found out we are adding another niece to it. So happy for my older sister and her family. I know the wait was hard, but I can’t wait to be an aunt again and to have a little girl named after me ;). Scott, did you know Abbey is a Hebrew name and means father’s joy? I’m just saying  (maybe someday).

March is gearing up for some exciting things as well. Some more traveling will be mixed in so make sure to get yo self scheduled for any session needs you might want soon!

As for now, I need to go pack up ALL the things for the move AND the trip. So with that, peace and love you awesome people! Maybe my blog won’t be such a distant memory next time!

View More: http://lifebylexphotography.pass.us/the-hobbyist-workshop

Photo Credit: Life by Lex Photography

www.bohemianredimages.comPhoto Credit: Katie Basbagill, Bohemian Red Images


Photo credit: Katie Basbagill, Bohemian Red Images

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Mel: Maternity and family… Holy geez the beauty.

Mel and I went to high school together and I’ve seen her family grow through social media and reading her blog posts. She has two stunning young boys and a third on the way! Mel asked me to do a 48 hour session when baby Emmett arrived and I could not have been happier. I love babies and all their squish, big brother moments and beautiful tinder family moments as their lives change in a blink of an eye. I approached Mel about doing a maternity session, mostly because she is a beautiful individual, but I also love maternity sessions and don’t schedule enough of them. As planning went along I decided why shouldn’t we bring the whole family along? It’d give the boys a chance to meet me and get used to me for the day Emmett made his appearance. I also brought a few water guns, for smiling purposes of course! See the beauty of what is Mel’s family below!

DSC_1669 DSC_1696 DSC_1703 DSC_1715 DSC_1739 DSC_1766 DSC_1772 DSC_1782 DSC_1794 DSC_1802 DSC_1808 DSC_1811 DSC_1812 DSC_1819 DSC_1826 DSC_1829 DSC_1842 DSC_1848 DSC_1851 DSC_1856 DSC_1876 DSC_1914 DSC_1930 DSC_1938 DSC_1944 DSC_1959

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Hello spring. And beautiful couple.

I posted a preview of this session on my Facebook page today and immediately got a message from one of my brides that said she would like to redo her engagement session. She promised it wasn’t because her images were bad, she loved hers, but because Sarah and Bj looked warm and were blessed with one of the most beautiful days we’ve had so far this year in Indiana. This was the complete opposite for said bride who messaged me (her blog post is next!)!

DSC_8045 DSC_8049 DSC_8070 DSC_8075 DSC_8106 DSC_8111 DSC_8126 DSC_8137 DSC_8172 DSC_8182 DSC_8206 DSC_8234 DSC_8260 DSC_8264 DSC_8270 DSC_8291 DSC_8315 DSC_8320 DSC_8332

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A mustache, polka-dot sort of session.

You know a couple is going to be great when they not only go with the flow of resorting to plan b,c and d because plan A was immediately out the window due to a few minor unfortunate events (random rain shower and a few closed venues), but also when the guy walks up with an amazing mustache and the bride to be is wearing a polka-dotted dress with vibrant red flowers in her hair. It was the first time I met Cary, groom to be, and I’m pretty sure my first sentence to him went as such, “if I was a guy and didn’t have a mustache like yours, I would be thoroughly disappointed.” I patted myself on the back for that little unnecessary ice breaker. Unnecessary, no doubt because they were one of the most down to earth, fun and silly couples I have ever met. I’m not convinced they didn’t watch a few seasons of Americas Next Top Model the few weeks prior to our session, because they were so easy in front of the camera. No, like seriously. Facial expressions, laughing on cue came naturally. Tyra and her smize had nothing on Tiffany’s on point eye contact and serious face.

Below is a preview of the awesomeness this couple exudes. Take a look!













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6 Months and Counting!

This ADORABLE human being, Brylan, just turned six months! I will never understand why I get so nervous before baby sessions, because they typically turn out AH.MAZE.ING! I mean c’mon… how can a session that included a red wagon, puppies, and a baby wearing a fadora not be awesome? I literally about died when his mom, Cody, put the fadora on him. Gerber baby model in the making? I think so!

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