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Deadman’s Cove with the Baumgardners

Funny story, I rolled up right beside a car I thought held Kiyana and Dregan (yes, they have the coolest names) and yelled, not whispered, YELLED “Yall here to get some pics taken?!” Long story short it wasn’t them, that wasn’t their car and that was really awkward, but also really funny so here we are! I eventually located them and we hiked all over Deadman’s Cove. Going against the better judgement of the park ranger. We then headed up to the Cape Disappointment lighthouse where I about died from lack of oxygen, but we had the best views. Peep their engagement session below. In a later post I’ll tell their wedding story!


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Adventuring with the Hickmans

I asked a question on Facebook the other day about how those who have been married or who might be planning a wedding might be breaking away from the traditional, breaking the rules on their day, making it totally them. The Hickman’s broke all the rules and made their day completely about them in the best ways.

They eloped in Washington state which made all of our dreams come true.  Cait and I flew in a few days prior to the day of the wedding and got to explore Olympic National Park and Cannon Beach with the two lovebirds. I don’t think I can actually write down and explain how special these few days were with them and their family. We’d shoot and then come back to their little cabins and have a bonfire on the beach with everyone. It was about family. About everyone being together, coming together and it was incredible to not only be their photographers for the day, but really feel apart of their family and witnesses to their love. Peep these magical moments we captured a few days prior to their day!


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Cheers to new adventures: Washington, DC bound

Here’s the thing, I’m moving! All of my life, I knew that I would be a wanderer of some sort and never really saw myself staying in Indiana forever. Will it always be my home? Of course. Will I be back and forth often? Absolutely. However, I’m on to new horizons and FINALLY get to be with my other half, Neil, after months of long distance.

Things happened quickly, as this decision to make the move and head for new adventures happened in a weeks time. Neil got a call that gave him an opportunity of a lifetime and plainly an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up. So, on he went to the Nations Capital as I stayed behind to finish up a very busy photography season.

So what’s the deal? These last few months have been filled with a lot of change, some travel and a lot of planning! I quit my day job in August to focus on photography and what an incredible few months it has been! The clients/ friends I work with are beautiful humans. I’ve shot a wedding almost every weekend since May with some of the most talented photographers, Sherri and Cait, y’all rock! I’ve been given multiple chances to perfect my child whisperer skills with the many family sessions this summer and into this fall. And what’s up high school seniors, so much inspiration comes from them and their sessions! When I wasn’t shooting, I visited DC  a hand full of times to check out the new digs and to spend some time with Neil. I have to admit, I really love the place.

What now? The plan is to finish strong through the month of October. Booking sessions up until the first week of November. And then, because as if moving isn’t one big adventure in itself, I’m taking off with a really great friend of mine to head out west for one epic road trip! We will be photographing along the way.  Spending a lot of time in Colorado, California, Arizona and New Mexico to name a few.

As of now, my plan is to travel back and forth occasionally. Most likely for holidays, long weekends and I’ve already booked a few weddings for next summer. My hope is to schedule some sessions during this time, but I also know that I would like to use any time back mostly with family and friends. Basically what I’m saying is, Indiana you haven’t seen the last of me yet!

So, tell all of your friends in the lovely Washington, DC that I’m coming to conquer that amazing place. Feel free to connect me with any rad folks there considering I will technically only know three people when I first get there. And know that things are about to get really good this coming year!

Cheers to the new adventures!

six flags

Six flags America, rollercoaster game.

Processed with VSCOcam with 10 preset

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