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Paige, isn’t she lovely?

Ever since I can remember I have been constantly taking photographs of my youngest sister, Paige. Not only do I get to see the transformation of her becoming such a wonderful and stunning young gal, but I get to see the changing of my style and the realization of the rewarding pay off from practicing the craft, itself, as well as the gained and well used lessons I’ve learned from my internship.

It’s not often my sister can be back in our hometown of New Market, IN. So when she is, I always try to jump at the opportunity to doll her up and work out my creativity. Most the time willing, she has become one of my go to models to try different locations, different lens, poses, etc. With her go with the flow attitude, she is such a trooper even in some of the, dare I say sketchy, scenarios such as jumping from a massive tree for a shot just for the name of photography! Less sketchy and risky these days, here are some of my favorite shots of the lovely lady!





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Fierce in Drag

Story to come, but for now a small preview!

kevin drag 031 final

kevin drag 058 final

kevin drag 079 final

kevin drag 093

kevin drag 096

kevin drag 117

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I wanna see ya peacock, yo peacock!

This is Tammy, co worker/ one of my best friends.  This is her new tattoo.  I’ve always been fascinated with tattoos, but some of the best ones are the ones with meanings attached to them, however personal.  The peacock feather for her is a symbol of rebirth.  Coming out of bad times and seeing the light into a better state of life. I found it incredible how the eye of the feather mirrors her own eyes. It’s such a fascinating and beautiful peice of art!

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