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He’s pretty great, I’ll keep him.

Happy Father’s day to my dad. The guy who claims I’m a lot like him (even though he will deny he’s ever said that if you ask him). The guy that taught me to take chances, be creative and to never have a bad day. Cheers to him, the guy that tells me story’s of wild road trips and sitting on Aerosmith’s concert stage one night. Or the time him and my mom disappeared to Florida and got married somehow ;). Thanks for the encouragement along the way, the softball lessons, twirling lessons, art lessons and life lessons. Thanks for learning how to text.

All in all you’re pretty great, some might even say awesome. Happy Father’s day!


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A mustache, polka-dot sort of session.

You know a couple is going to be great when they not only go with the flow of resorting to plan b,c and d because plan A was immediately out the window due to a few minor unfortunate events (random rain shower and a few closed venues), but also when the guy walks up with an amazing mustache and the bride to be is wearing a polka-dotted dress with vibrant red flowers in her hair. It was the first time I met Cary, groom to be, and I’m pretty sure my first sentence to him went as such, “if I was a guy and didn’t have a mustache like yours, I would be thoroughly disappointed.” I patted myself on the back for that little unnecessary ice breaker. Unnecessary, no doubt because they were one of the most down to earth, fun and silly couples I have ever met. I’m not convinced they didn’t watch a few seasons of Americas Next Top Model the few weeks prior to our session, because they were so easy in front of the camera. No, like seriously. Facial expressions, laughing on cue came naturally. Tyra and her smize had nothing on Tiffany’s on point eye contact and serious face.

Below is a preview of the awesomeness this couple exudes. Take a look!













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A baby in a bucket, or basket… whichever

It’s not often I get to photograph a newborn. When I do I know I am in for a long few hours, jammed packed with patience and sweat beads rolling down my forehead. This may not sound like fun, but it completely is. During the long few hours I get to know the parents and this small being’s story, which are always unique in themselves.  I often even get to meet and visit with extended family visitors that inevitably come to visit during the sessions. In the end, most of my newborn sessions become one BIG family get together/party all while getting some great shots (does this only happen to me? Because I totally love it!).

Meet Hunter, roughly two weeks old when I photographed him. When I arrived Merridith, his mom, was feeding him and I was sure he would be asleep for most of the session. Wrong. I was so wrong. He stayed awake for most of the session, barely making a sound. His dad, Brody, helped me put him in a basket for the first few shots and his grandma Kim helped be a spotter because safety should always be a concern with a newborn. I have come to the conclusion that every newborn deserves a bucket/basket photo. I am not entirely sure where this phenomenon came from, but Hunter rocked it. I’m sort of jealous I don’t have one of my own from when I was a newborn. Check him out below in all his cuteness glory!

DSC_0038 final DSC_0098 DSC_0093 DSC_0055 copy


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